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Whether you're catering for residents with Dysphagia, Dementia or Malnutrition, it can be a daunting task.
Read our guide to understand how to cater for these complex needs; ensuring mealtimes are both safe and dignifying for your residents. 
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Here's what you can expect:
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Catering for Dementia

Gain actionable strategies and best practices on how to effectively and safely cater for residents with dementia.

Expert Advice

apetito Dietitians Emily Stuart and Maia Fergus O’Grady answer questions on all things nutrition and hydration to help care homes enhance and improve residents’ wellbeing.

Allergen Safety

Understand the critically important distinction of made without and free form when catering for allergens.

Need to Know Legislation

Uncover how allergen legislation has impacted how care homes should cater for residents with allergens.

Case Studies

Discover how one care home made serving residents safe, nutritious, specialist nutrition meals straightforward and achieved remarkable results.

IDDSI Best Practice

Learn the important of IDDSI, the implications of getting it wrong and uncover how catering for texture modified meals can be transformed.



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